Lucky charm 2019 - safety pin necklace | silver 925 | dark rhodium

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Code: 19LN01D.5
Metal color: Black platinum
Materials: Silver 925
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The minimal charm of 2019 by AS Jewelery is safety pin. The number 9 represents the completion, the end, the compassion but also the offer in a broader sense: safety pin. Celebrate the New Year’s Eve with innovative, handmade lucky charms from AS Jewellery and welcome luck and joy into your life! Choose among a variety of metal hues and create unique looks for the season!

Materials & Dimensions:

The charm ’19 is made of silver 925 and is dark rhodium plated. The cord is available in three colours: burgundy, black and grey.

Necklace size: adjustable

Lucky charm's lenght: about  2,7 cm

Lucky charm's thickness: about  1,25 cm

Lucky charm's width: about 0,1 cm


Avoid contact with water, perfumes, alcohol and oils. We suggest you to keep the ring in its box or in your own jewellery box when you are not wearing it. 

Each piece of jewellery from As Jewellery –Agapi Smpokou is handmade and unique. This is why your order may have some slight differences from the photo. If you wish to order a plate that is out of stock, you may send us an e-mail and we will take care of it. This may take 3-4 days.