Terms and Conditions

The online shop www.as-jewellery.gr, an electronic shop promoting and distributing the company’s products via the internet, was funded by the company “AGAPI N. SMPOKOU MANUFACTURER AND TRADER OF JEWELLERY AND ARTWORK” with the distinctive title AS JEWELLERY AGAPI SMPOKOU based in Iraklion Crete, at 9 Psaromiligon str, with tax reg. no: 132965354, and it is hosted ate the branch office at 11 Thiseos str. Athens 10562, Greece, e-mail info@as-jewellery.gr, contact number +30 2103229192. Before visiting and using the e-shop, we advise you to carefully read the following terms and conditions for the use of our e-shop. You must be assured that you agree with the following terms and conditions because any further use of this e-shop, automatically means that you express an unreserved consent with the given terms. The following terms and conditions consist the terms with which AS JEWELLERY transacts in compliance with the principle of bona fide and L/ 2251/1994 regarding the consumer’s protection.

1. Terms and conditions

AS JEWELLERY reserves the right to unitarily and without any notice amend or renew the present terms and conditions and thus, all transactions conducted via its e-shop in accordance with its needs and commercial laws. AS JEWELLERY undertakes the obligation to inform the users for any amendments and changes on the website of the present e-shop.

2. Information and products provided

AS JEWELLERY is bound as far as the completeness and validity of information supplied in this website are concerned. The accuracy of the data and characteristics concerning products and services are concerned as accurate as can be, subject to any technical or printing errors that might unintentionally arise, or for any discontinuation of the website function due to force majeure.

3. Limitation of liability

AS JEWELLERY cannot guarantee the availability of products but it does guarantee the end customer that one will be informed when a given product is unavailable. AS JEWELLERY is only liable in the case of unjustifiable delay of delivery of the products ordered and for the information supplied by, or the services provided via its website.

4. Rights of intellectual property

The whole of the contents displayed on www.as-gallery.gr, including images, graphics, photos, designs, texts, HTML coding, services provided and products, consists the intellectual property of AS JEWELLERY AGAPI N. SMPOKOU which is protected by the relevant provisions Greek Law, European Law and international conventions. It is prohibited to copy, analog/digitally record and mechanically reproduce, distribute, transfer, download (other than the permitted images and information), alter, resell, create or produce work that will mislead customers as far as the actual provider of the contents of the website is concerned. Any reproduction, reprinting, transfer, announcement, spreading off or transmission, or any other use of the contents by any means or way for commercial use of the contents by means or way of commercial or other reasons, is only permitted after the previous written consent of AS JEWELLERY. Names, logos, images and distinctive marks representing AS JEWELLERY and its products, and/or services are the exclusive trading and distinctive marks of AS JEWELLERY and are protected by the Greek, Communal and International laws on commercial marks and industrial and intellectual property and illegal competition.

5. User’s obligation

The users of our website accept, consent and stipulate that, they will make lawful use of the site. The purchase of merchandises via our e-shop is only permitted to users that have the legal right to conclude contracts and contractual ability as provided by Greek legislation. The users further accept that, they will not use our websites and e-shop for the sending, publishing, e-mailing or transferring information through any means of text that is illegal, prejudiced, threatening, insulting, bothersome, defamatory, rude, shameful, libelous, that violates the right of confidentiality of another person, shows maliciousness or express racial, national or other discriminations and may cause damage to minor age by any way. Information is not entitled to be transmitted in accordance with the legislation or contractual or managerial relationships (such as internal information, proprietary and confidential information or covered with confidentiality agreements), violates any patent, commercial secret, intellectual rights or other third parties proprietary rights, contains software virus or any other codes, records or programs designed with the purpose to discontinue, cause damage, destruction or obstruction of any software or computer material operation, or violates intentionally or unintentionally the Greek and communal legislation in force and their provisions, that may disturb by any means and contents third parties, being used for the gathering or saving of users personal data. The purchase of merchandise via our e-shop is only permitted to users that have legal right to conclude contracts and contractual ability as provided by the Greek legislation.

6. Security

AS JEWELLERY acknowledges the importance of the issue regarding the safety of the user’s personal data and their e-transactions taking all necessary measures with the most modern and advanced methods securing in this way its maximum possible safety. All information relating with personal data and transactions are considered safe and confidential. The e-shop’s security is achieved in the following ways:

A. Customer identification: The codes used for a customer’s identification are two: e-mail, or username and password which provide an absolute safe access to personal data whenever they are used. The customer is the only person that has access to his/her data via the above codes being exclusively liable for the maintenance of their secrecy and hiding from third parties. In case of loss and leakage of the above information the customer must immediately inform AS JEWELLERY, or otherwise AS JEWELLERY is not liable for the use of the given password from an unauthorized party. We hereby recommend avoiding, for safety reasons, the use of the same and easily traced password (such as date of birth).

B. Securing the confidentiality of personal data transfer: In order to secure the confidentiality of the personal data transfer we use the encryption protocol SSL 128-bit.

C. Firewall: The access to AS JEWELLERY system is controlled by a firewall which allows the use of certain services from the customers/users by prohibiting at the same time, access to systems and data bases with confidential data and company’s information.

D. Encryption: An SSL 128-bit encryption exists at all times when personal data is entered (password, addresses, telephones, credit cards etc). The encryption is valid for the information’s codification until its arrival to a certain receiver who may decrypt it by using the appropriate key. When the user/customer is placing an order and has signed-in with his/her username and password, all communication between the computer used and www.as-jewellery.gr support system is ciphered with the use of the 128bits key, which means that each time information is transferred to the system, the browser initially ciphers it with the use of the 128bits key and then transfers it to the system. Confidentiality of transactions: The same principles that apply to in-store transactions are in force in the case of e-commerce. All information transferred from the user/member is confidential and AS JEWELLERY takes all necessary measures so that its use is made only to the extent that is essential for the services provided. Some of the already taken measures are the following: Only the authorized employees have access to the information of transactions and only when it is absolutely necessary as e.g. for the processing of applications. AS JEWELLERY does not disclose the data of the customers and their transactions unless it has a written authorization from you, or when a Court’s judgment orders it, or through the decision of another public authority. No information is used from third parties. You may ask any data that are kept from you and their correction as well in case you can document the existence of an error. For your own safety, you must handle all the information provided via the service as confidential and secret and to avoid disclosure to third parties.

7. Protection of personal data

During your visit to the pages of the site www.as-jewellery.gr you may be requested to declare your identity particulars (full name, e-mail, address for products delivery, telephone and data on your credit card-if the payment be made via credit card) in order to process your orders in accordance with the provisions of L.2472/1997 re “protection of individual from the process of personal data” and L.3471/2006 “protection of personal data and private life in the e-communication”. The design of the present site allows the users to visit without disclosing any personal information. The declaration of a user’s personal data is necessary only when one places an order, or if one wants to communicate with AS JEWELLERY. Any personal data declared in any of the pages and services of our internet sites are solely and exclusively kept for reasons concerning your transactions with us, improvement of the services provided and securing operation of the corresponding service and the use of such information is not allowed to be used by any third party (except the law requires so for the competent solely authorities). For any inquiry or declaration relating to these issues please contact us by emailing info@as-jewellery.gr. The user reserves the right to be informed at any time regarding the existence of his/her personal file and/or objection to the further process of its data or correction of such and for information and amendment of the said data in accordance with the legislation in force for the protection of personal data.

7a. Newsletter Policy

AS JEWELLERY sends e-mails to users who have given their consent to use their e-mail address. E-mails are about offers, new products’ arrivals and information regarding fairs and events where AS JEWELLERY participates. The purpose of these e-mails is only informational and we believe their content is within the receiver’s interests. In case our clients and/or users wish to stop receiving these e-mails, there is always the possibility of unsubscribing from our e-mail list. All of our e-mails provide our users/clients the opportunity to unsubscribe themselves from our list by clicking a relevant link.

8. Cookies and tracking

As the majority of websites on the internet does our shop has the possibility to use cookies to provide visitors/users with information and with better services (list of orders, personal settings, saving products in a basket or reminder list between two visits and others) as well as to execute orders in the most effective and efficient way. Cookies are small file stored on your computer, which allow you to keep your preferences and options on the Website. Cookies are used to:

  • Follow and retain information during your browsing session at our website
  • Retain your user specific settings such as regional preference, products viewed etc.

Cookie management

If you do not wish to take advantage of cookies, you may disable their use from your browser settings. From there on you may delete any cookies stored locally on your computer. For more information please visit the help and information page of your preferred browser.

9. Order placement

In order to facilitate your search we have chosen a simple procedure: By using the search engine you will easily find a given product. In case you wish to place an order you complete the order form in the Greek, or English language. The company does its best to provide services of high quality. Despite that, cases of errors in prices and ancillary products, characteristics cannot be excluded. Any discontinuation of the site’s operation or any “human” errors during the information/printing of price of a product should also not be excluded. For the safety and effectiveness of your purchases if you discover that a product is offered in an unusually high or low price in relation with its market value you are hereby asked to communicate with customer services department by calling +30 2103229192, or emailing info@as-jewellery.gr before proceeding with the given order. When your order is registered you will receive an automated email confirming the receipt of your order, and mentioning its details. After the dispatch of your order you will receive a second confirmation email stating the products to be delivered to you. During the process of your order, you may receive a series of automated e-mails referring to the process of your order. These messages will apply to the following steps: 1. New order: When your order has been received (paid through credit or debit card, cash-on-delivery selected only within Greece), 2. Order in progress: When your order is on the collection status. 3. In Transit: Carrier has accepted or picked up shipment from shipper. The shipment is on the way. 4. Missing Info: There is missing info from your order or there is an error on your contact/bank details. 5. Cancellation of order: Your order has been canceled. Should any product of your order is pending we will contact you via email, or telephone. Alternatively, we will contact you via phone or email during your subscription or placing your order on our site. In case of written communication (e-mail) kindly keep the files during the whole process of our transaction.

10. Return Policy

Product returns can be made for any reason within 30 days of their receipt. The process of return can take place only if:

  • The box of the product, the sales receipt, the gift card (if any) and whatever else comes with the product are returned, as all these are part of the product purchased.
  • Product(s) must be in the original state in which you received them, have not been used, worn, soiled or in any other situation beyond their original and their safety tag must remain intact.
  • Returns are made by a transport company and the cost is paid by AS JEWELLERY.
  • Until the time of transportation to our premises, the purchased product is on your responsibility. It is important to take care of the package, avoiding any damage during transport and therefore unable to return.
  • If you wish to exchange your product, you will have to follow the process below: you will return the product to our premises according to the abovementioned terms and receive your refund. After the refund is processed depending on the payment method you had chosen for your order, you can make a new order on our site whenever you want.
  • If you receive a damaged product please contact us immediately at +30 2103229192 09:00-17:00 (Eastern Europe Time). If it is not our responsibility you will have to contact the delivery company (courier) within the next 8 hours (only for domestic orders).

We inform you that AS JEWELLERY assumes no responsibility for loss or damage of the item during transport back.

It is advisable to check carefully the condition of the products and their packaging at the time of delivery of your order, so that you immediately detect any obvious defects.

In any case, please contact us before returning a product at +30 2103229192 from Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00 (Eastern Europe time zone) or send an e-mail at info@as-jewellery.gr to identify the reasons of return.

As soon as we receive the item of return, the process of your refund will be initiated depending on the payment method you had chosen for your order. Thus, the amount will be refunded by cancelling your credit / debit card charge, or in the case of cash-on-delivery payment, by depositing the amount to your bank account within 15-30 working days.

11. Cancellation of order

Cancellation of order may occur in the cases seen below:

  1. Before you place your order. You may go back and remove the products from your cart.
  2. If you have already placed your order but your product is not yet delivered to the carrier you may call at +30 2103229192 from Monday to Tuesday 09:00-17:00 EET (Eastern Europe Time) and one of our agents will cancel your order.

12. Methods of payment

  • Cash on delivery (only for domestic orders)
  • Charge a credit or a debit card

alphabank logos

masterpass logo

If you have a credit card VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Diners you can use it safely through our order form. Your transactions in our e-shop are protected by online security systems (SSL-256bit) which guarantee a completely secure environment.

For any inquiry please call us at +30 2103229192 between 09:00-17:00 (Eastern Europe Time).

13. Prices of the products on sale

VAT is included on all prices of all products sold online. AS JEWELLERY reserves the right to readjust the prices. In any case and despite the fact that the best efforts are made for all data to be accurate, AS JEWELLERY holds the right of making technical errors in prices and product characteristics. For this reason it is recommended that during offers one should communicate with the customer services by calling +30 2103229192 for confirmation regarding a given order.

14. Order/Delivery of products/shipment expenses

www.as-jewellery.gr serves customers throughout Greece and the rest of the world.

All orders placed are dispatched within 2 working days. When your order has been dispatched you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Order processing, shipment and deliveries do not take place over the weekends or public holidays. For AS JEWELLERY public holidays are: 28th of October, 24th – 26th and 31st of December, 1st and 2nd of January, 6th of January, 25th of March, Orthodox Easter (from Good Friday until Easter Monday), 1st of May, 15th of August.

Delivery of items varies according to the destination country and its specific customs authority regulations:

Area of deliveryDelivery times
Greece1-3 working days
Inaccessible areas in Greece1-5 working days
Europe and Cyprus3-6 working days
Other countries (e.g. U.S.A., Australia, Canada)6-15 working days

In case we cannot execute your order for reasons of force majeure (strikes, weather conditions etc.), we will contact you to let us know if you want your order to be completed. You will be informed by a member of our customer service team and you will let them know if you still want to proceed with your order.

No orders are delivered to Post-office (PO) boxes.

All domestic orders are shipped with a courier company named Speedex. International orders are shipped with Hellenic Post (ELTA).

By accessing your personal account on www.as-jewellery.gr you may view your order’s latest status. Domestic orders are delivered from Monday to Friday 10:00-17:00. If you are out or away during delivery, the courier representative will leave a note with a local contact number in order for you to contact them and arrange a different date and time for delivery (applied only to domestic orders).

If you wish to receive your order from a branch office of Speedex you can leave a comment on your order informing us about the place from which you wish to receive it and we will get in touch with the delivery company. You will find the branches of Speedex here (only for domestic orders).

In case of changing the delivery address you should inform us within 24 hours by sending us an e-mail at info@as-jewellery.gr mentioning your order number. The same applies to potential cancelation of your order. If the order has left our premises before your cancellation request, the cancelation cannot take place. In that case we advise you to read the paragraph about RETURNS later on this text.

For delayed international orders you should contact with the post office of your area by mentioning the tracking number mentioned on your order. They will inform you about the reasons of the delay.

The shipping cost of your order is automatically calculated before you move to the step of payment. Below, you may find the typical prices:

Areas of deliveryCost for orders up to 2kg
Rest of Greece€3
Europe (except for Russia & Cyprus)€10
Rest of the world€15
  • In case of cash on delivery (only for domestic orders) the extra charge is €2.
  • Delivery is free on orders over €50 (only for domestic orders).
  • For domestic deliveries in inaccessible areas, there might be an extra charge. For any inquires kindly send us an e-mail at info@as-jewellery.gr or call us at +30 2103229192 Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00 (Eastern Europe Time).

Potential import charges are paid by the customer (outside of EU countries).

15. Delay of order

Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

Α. In case of severe weather conditions or strikes, as well as in cases of force majeure as the can affect the shipment and delivery of your order.

Β. In case there is a problem/error with your order and it is impossible to contact you via telephone or e-mail.

16. Informative e-mail (newsletter)

AS JEWELLERY sends out informative emails to clients and those interested. The company is not liable should an intended newsletter not reach its intended destination. A newsletter might end up in a spam-folder depending on the filter settings of a given email account. This can be avoided if AS JEWELLERY email addresses are added to a safe list. If you no longer wish to receive AS JEWELLERY newsletters, please email us at info@as-jewellery.gr

17. Applicable law and competent courts

The Greek law governs the contracts concluded with our e-shop and any disputes arising from these contracts are exclusively referred for solution by the courts of Athens.

18. Communication with AS JEWELLERY

The user may communicate with the company by calling +30 2103229192, or by emailing at info@as-jewellery.gr.