About us

Agapi Smpokou was born and raised in Iraklion, Crete. She studied BA (Hons) Interior Architecture& Design, Canterbury School of Architecture, University for the Creative Arts, UK, where she lived for 6 years. As she returned to Greece in 2011, she realized that jewellery was her passion and had decided to dedicate herself on it ever since.

“I perceive jewellery as a micro scale piece of art, which is wearable in every occasion and is ready to state in different environments. I am mainly inspired by the microcosm of nature and the flawless elements I find in it. By observing the flora and fauna, I began admiring them and their details became pictures of jewellery on my mind. I am keen on working with silver and bronze combining geometry with nature.”

Agapi Smpokou is also an artist in contemporary art jewellery. She has her own collection- gallery in Athens, where she hosts artwork and contemporary jewellery of Greek and international artists. At the same time she continues to expand her knowledge in techniques with international artists in jewellery and ceramics. So far she has been part of over 15 art jewellery group exhibitions.

By launching AGAPIS Jewellery, she aims to combine elegance with clean lines offering affordable luxury.