Forestland Stud Earrings - water oak nut | silver 925

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Code: 17FE14S.24
Metal color: Silver
Materials: Silver 925
Designs: Seed
Designs: Acorn
Designs: Stud
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This pair of stud earrings looks like the water oak nut. It is full and its main feature is the wide and textured cup.

Forestland is a winter jewellery collection that depicts elements of the nature in detailed and sensitive way. It is mainly focused on the seeds of the forest. Several acorn versions and other seeds of different shapes and sizes become stud earrings that are wearable day and night! Choose the pair of stud earrings that matches your style and create festive looks in a very natural way. Though the collection is mostly winter, the stud earrings can be worn through the whole year.

Materials & Dimensions:

The earrings are made of silver 925.

Acorn diameter: about 0,8 cm

Acorn height: about 1,2 cm


Avoid contact with water, perfumes, alcohol and oils. We suggest you to keep the earrings in their box or in your own jewellery box when you are not wearing them. 

Each piece of jewellery from Agapis Jewellery is handmade and unique. This is why your order may have some slight differences from the photo. If you wish to order a plate that is out of stock, you may send us an e-mail and we will take care of it. This may take 3-4 days.

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