Seastories Charm Bracelet - simple limpet | silver 925 | rainbow patina

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Code: 16SB07R.10
Metal color: Iridescent oxidation
Materials: Silver 925
Designs: Limpet
Designs: Pearl
€ 30.00



Limpet easily has a place in our heart! From the past, it was used as a cultural symbol and as coin. In Hawaii, it is considered as an ancient spirit!

Simple limpet charms with its simplicity and effortlessly beauty and make us already dream of the sea salt on our bodies!

Inspiration of the shade is a dive at summer time, when opening the eyes in the sea, there are no certain shapes. Just like that rainbow patina has no vague shade and no certain color.

Materials & Dimensions

The limpet is made of silver 925 and has a rainbow patina coat. The chain is made of silver 925.

Total bracelet length: about 14,5 cm

Extension: about 2 cm

Limpet dimensions: maximum length about 1 cm 


Avoid contact with water, perfumes, alcohol and oils. We suggest you to keep the bracelet in its box or in your own jewellery box when you are not wearing it. 

Each piece of jewellery from Agapis Jewellery is handmade and unique. This is why your order may have some slight differences from the photo. If you wish to order a plate that is out of stock, you may send us an e-mail and we will take care of it. This may take 3-4 days.

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