Forestland Long Earrings - branch hoops bonds | silver 925

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Code: 17FE06S.15
Metal color: Silver
Materials: Silver 925
Designs: Branch
Designs: Crown
Designs: Hoop
€ 45.00



Hoops of branches are joined together in a tiny twig hoop. In nature nothing stands alone. This beautiful pair of earrings, made of sterling silver, symbolizes the strong bonds between the elements and creatures of the forest. A delicate and plain design, ideal for a special occasion that enlivens you outfit of the day or night. 

Materials & Dimensions:

The earrings are made of silver 925. Except for the silver 925 option, other available metal hues are: gold plated 24K, pink gold plated and dark rhodium plated. Alternatively, you may choose black oxidation or rainbow patina. The earring backs are silver ear nuts. If you choose a plate they have the matching hue.

Earring height: about 4.3 cm

Branch hoop diameter: about 2 cm

Twig hoop diameter: about 1 cm

Branch hoop thickness: about 0.22 cm

Twig hoop thickness: about 0.2 cm


Avoid contact with water, perfumes, alcohol and oils. We suggest you to keep the earrings in their box or in your own jewellery box when you are not wearing them. 

Each piece of jewellery from As Jewellery –Agapi Smpokou is handmade and unique. This is why your order may have some slight differences from the photo. If you wish to order a plate that is out of stock, you may send us an e-mail and we will take care of it. This may take 3-4 days.

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