Forestland Long Earrings - acorn ornaments

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Code: 17FE05.15
Materials: Bronze
Designs: Seed
Designs: Stud
€ 45.00



Delicate branches with beautiful details and colors that look like small ornaments. Forestland earrings that look like they've come out of a fairy tale. A special suggestion from Forestland that will surely excite you and those around you.

Materials & dimensions

The earrings are made of bronze and are 24K gold plated. The base of the stud part of the earring is made of silver 925, plated in 24K gold. The earring backs are silver ear nuts with the same hue.

Earring height: about 8,5 cm


Avoid contact with water, perfumes, alcohol and oils. We suggest you to keep the earrings in the original box or in your own jewellery box when you are not wearing them.

Each piece of jewellery from Agapis Jewellery is handmade and unique. This is why your order may have some slight differences from the photo. If you wish to order a plate that is out of stock, you may send us an e-mail and we will take care of it. This may take 3-4 days.

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